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Most of the working population spends as much time in the office and commercial spaces as they do in their private residential homes. Therefore, it is particularly important to provide working and office environments that can be healthy and ergonomic.
The elements of multi-comfort are defined in the Saint-Gobain strategy, namely: luminosity, acoustic, humidity, temperature and comfort that allow individuals to be more productive as they enjoy their own wellbeing in their working area.
The dimension of safety is also essential in any living space as most of the population in the Middle East spend ninety percent of their time indoors.
Saint-Gobain is an advocate of creating collaborative working areas that enhance productivity and comfort for the occupants of commercial and office buildings.
The Glass Business commercial glazing solutions are manufactured to provide energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing options for modern buildings. The range of solutions for commercial glazing provides solar control, thermal insulation and better sound reduction. Allowing the right day light for the wellbeing of the occupants besides blocking the heat is essential for offices. Low glare and light transmittance 20% – 30% and Solar Factor 0.20 – 0.25 is recommended for the office buildings. SGG Cool-Lite KT family, low-e glass from the house of Saint-Gobain, will achieve this. For the partitioning SGG Masterglass with its exclusive 6 patterns will add an elegant touch to your office. For wall paneling, a creative white board or a modern meeting table SGG Planilaque with its range of 26 colors will suit your interior design.
In commercial spaces, the glazing must be capable of stopping the spread of fire from one floor to the next one. It is required to have maximum transparency and anti-glare, especially in display areas and shop fronts. Vetrotech is capable of combining the multifunctional properties to achieve fire resistance with extra transparency while addressing the glare issues.
With SageGlass, people stay connected to their surroundings. Visual barriers like blinds or shades are unnecessary with SageGlass. Even at its darkest tint, the dynamic glazing remains transparent to preserve outdoor views and a connection to the natural environment, which has been shown to boost productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. When appropriate, the electronically tintable glazing darkens to prevent sunlight and heat from entering the building, a function which can significantly reduce energy consumption and the need for HVAC. By also reducing glare and balancing daylight levels, SageGlass improves occupants’ comfort and wellbeing – key attributes of high-quality working spaces.
With 35+ years real life experience Thermalbond® from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, the industry standard spacer tapes for structural glazing façades across the globe is recognized by the façade consultant architects worldwide under “Norton Tape” brand.
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Researches have proven comfort improves health and productivity. KIMMCO-ISOVER offers mineral wool insulation solutions for every type of building for comfort and sustainability. KIMMCO-ISOVER has been a reliable supplier in Middle East for iconic buildings like Burj Khalifa, Makkah clock tower and for many more green certified buildings.
Whether its small or high-rise office buildings, KIMMCO-ISOVER focuses on indoor environments. Our mineral wool insulation provides three in one benefits; be it thermal, acoustic comfort, indoor air quality or safety, we offer best eco-friendly solutions for healthy working space.
We create modern, efficient workspaces that are healthier and more productive. Gyptone and Rigitone acoustic ceilings control acoustics and improve communication, high performance internal partitions and linings make reconfiguring spaces easier and Activ’Air linings keep internal air fresh and healthy by removing damaging airborne pollutants.
In an office the tasks change between work that demands concentration, talking on the phone, meetings, teamwork or multitasking. If the acoustics are bad, the sound will create echoes, people will raise their voices to be heard and the overall sound level will escalate. Basically, you will have a poor working environment. Ecophon sound absorbing ceilings and wall panels contribute to a great sound environment where motivation and concentration can be improved with up to 50%.
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The ADFORS Novelio® range of glass fibre wallcoverings is a solution for every interior. Along with its aesthetic appeal, it makes every interior design durable and cosy. Whether your workspace needs renovation, reconstruction, or an up-lift in design, our timeless and exquisite solutions come in a wide variety to suit every taste and meet every need.
ADFORS FibaTape® provides solutions for cracks on walls, plaster boards used in an office, moist environments in interiors. It offers a full line of products for wall finishing, each ensuring strength, flexibility, easy installation and considerable cost-saving. The full line of wall-finishing tapes includes both the ADFORS FibaTape® self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes as well as the innovative FibaFuse® paperless drywall tapes that are loved by DIYers and professional contractors alike. FibaTape® fiberglass mesh tapes have been created to work with specific needs: Cement board tape for cement board, Perfect Finish for butt joints, Mold-X10 for mold-resistant applications, etc.. These solutions are designed to be easier, faster, and stronger while also delivering excellent value and performance. The revolutionary FibaFuse® paperless drywall tape made out of a glass mat technology is designed for professional renovators and remodelers. FibaFuse® is an ideal alternative to paper tape being that it is stronger, lighter, easy to use, and also mold-resistant.
Glass fibre mesh fabrics and grids are something your office requires for better reinforcement. For interior or exterior, wall or floor fortification, ADFORS Vertex® always provides a solution. Moreover, they are easily applicable and durable, with a smooth finish for all walls and floors.
Environmental noise quality at work is important for overall well-being and concentration of employees. Velimat® provides a flooring sound-insulation solution that reduces impact noise transmission between rooms of office buildings. Thanks to this acoustic underlay, noises like footsteps or movements of chairs coming from meeting rooms will not disturb employees carrying out tasks which require quiet environments for concentration.
Saint-Gobain ADFORS is the leading manufacturer of standard and specialty insect screens and accessories for windows, doors, patios, and more. Easy to install, ADFORS screen comes in a variety of widths and lengths and serves a variety of functions to fit one’s lifestyle needs. From Extra Strength screen for high traffic areas, Clear Advantage screen for enhanced visibility and curb appeal, ADFORS screen has a solution to fit any need.
At Weber, we believe that what matters most in the construction industry is to care about people and their environment. Caring about comfort to the workplace is an easy way to improve employee engagement and make employees happy to be at their jobs. Webertherm MW is an efficient thermal insulation system protecting the building and providing comfort to occupants in hot and cold countries. By reducing significantly usage of air conditioning and heating systems, Webertherm MW improves thermal comfort, hygienic standards in the interior of the building and help prevent the formation of mildew.
Protecting office buildings from basement and roof contributes to improve workers comfort. For building roofs, Polyurethane waterproofing system weberdry 360 PU with heat reflective properties and UV resistance, offers the optimal waterproofing and thermal insulation performance. At basement and foundation level, the flexible cementitious membrane weberdry 110 FX blocks the ground water from transfer by capillarity and creates a durable damproofing system. In case of maintenance of office premises, Weber Tile adhesives & grouts with Low Dust technology allows renovation works with a minimal disturbance for the occupants.
Pipework is a building’s arteries, passing through thick structural elements, such as walls, and slabs. They are initially designed to contain a fire, since the main risks for wastewater pipe systems, in addition to early collapse, is that they could feed, and potentially spread a fire. As a fire can have even more harmful effects in office and commercial buildings, the careful selection of pipe material is key to protecting people and properties. Cast Iron, unlike other materials frequently used for drainage, is inherently non-combustible. The Saint-Gobain PAM complete range of Cast Iron pipes and fittings offers a naturally fire proof material that will contribute to the safety of assets and users. In the case of a fire, it won’t contribute to the spreading of flames and does not need maintenance of additional items that may require periodical upkeep and could eventually fail (fire collars, fire stoppers, etc.).
Nowadays, more time is being spent in the working space, therefore the well-being and comfort of your employee and customers is becoming a necessity. Solar Gard window films provides more temperature stability in the building by rejecting up to 79% of solar energy, it also reduces annoying glare which improves visibility on computer screens, which monitors and minimize eye strain. Peak load reduction: One of the biggest challenges in building management today is balancing peak energy usage with climate control and interior comfort. Solar Gard window films reject up to 79%5 of solar energy to regulate heat absorption and cut air conditioning and cooling costs. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Solar Gard analyzed and published the carbon impact of Solar Gard and Panorama architectural solar control window films through a Life Cycle Analysis following ISO 14040 and 14025 standards. Solar Gard’s resulting Climate Declaration showed that these films are carbon negative, producing a net reduction in greenbuildings gas emissions over their lifetime. Carbon negative in commercial buildings around the globe, they are, in many cases, carbon neutral within one month of installation. Solar Gard Armorcoat safety & security window films are specially designed to absorb shock and hold shattered glass in place, it also provides a barrier against break-ins, looting and interior damage. It also provides inexpensive protection against everything from glass etching to spray paint.
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