Whether they’re residential or commercial, the way that buildings perform is really important for our health and general comfort – especially since we spend so much of our time in them. Yet we rarely consider their impact on our state of mind and overall sense of wellbeing. So what should we expect?
At Saint-Gobain, we believe that feeling good in a building is about having the perfect amount of light, the proper level of sound and the ideal temperature. It is about design and technology, beauty and safety, efficiency and sustainability. A good living place is adaptable to us, rather than the other way around.

Buildings have the potential not just to protect people from negative aspects of the world outside – such as noise, weather and pollutants – but also to make us feel happier and enable us to live, work and play in healthier internal environments.
Through our Multi-Comfort program, we’ve been exploring many different aspects of building design to understand how comfort works in real built environments. Stay with us and support us creating great living places everywhere!

Committing to Net-Zero Carbon

Because we aim to align our construction strategy to meet Net Zero-carbon neutrality by 2050, therefore our goal is to develop and design solutions that help with the de-carbonization of the environment. In order to reach this, all players should align their approach to deliver a range of solutions to reduce carbon emission and fit the need of your buildings, creating the perfect atmosphere by enhancing your well-being and comfort. A combined offering, that provides not only superiority in their performance but also adding aesthetical finishing feel.
As part of the industrial mortar activity, Saint-Gobain Weber delivers innovative solutions with EPD standard in areas related to external and internal walls, flooring, tile fixing, technical mortars, and waterproofing.
Saint-Gobain Gyproc offers a wide range of internal and external innovative plasterboard solutions for dry and wet areas with performances adapted for each use in all habitat spaces being in Residential, Industrial, Commercial etc…
The Glass Solutions Business brings desired luminescence effect to your internal spaces by providing the required feel in terms of light, transparency, comfort, aesthetics and UV protection.
For reinforcement solutions Saint-Gobain ADFORS develops products combining aesthetical and practical Fiberglass Wall Coverings with anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties, Mosquito nets and glasgrid mesh for roads strengthening.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers precise and user friendly materials from wheels, diamond blades, cutting discs, grinding and polishing surfaces, as well as a selection of sanding sheets that could be used even in the most complex and challenging applications enabling customers to shape and surface-finish.

Being the first of its kind for Saint-Gobain in the Middle East, the Multi Comfort House will act as a real-time laboratory to monitor and study how cities use, conserve and share resources combining passive and intelligent design. Therefore, Masdar was natural home for Saint-Gobain to showcase its state-of-the-art capabilities in sustainable living.
While visiting this 400 m2 venue, you will have the chance to discover Saint-Gobain expertise in creating the perfect harmonized and well balanced environment, by associating the best of every industry to build systems in order to improve your living/ working environment.

We act every day to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live in.
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Project certifications

Upon completion, the project shall receive the LEED GOLD certification, Estidama 4 Pearl Rating System and is with Masdar Building Design Regulations & Energy Guidelines. Using Saint-Gobain sustainable solutions and materials in the construction is contributing in additional LEED credits as we are using minimum (25) products having EPD certificates from (5) different Saint-Gobain brands.
The building got awarded SUSTAINABLE BUILDING DESIGN OF THE YEAR 2019 in the MENA Green Building Awards organized by Emirates Green Building Council and was endorsed by World Green Building Council.

AL-MUNTADA  Knowledge Space by Saint-Gobain (Timelapse)

AL-MUNTADA (Forum in Arabic) a knowledge space featuring digital and physical solutions library, a learning center that will target improving the technical awareness in the construction and will be open for all our customers, professionals in the industry, as well as University Students keen to discover the world of Saint-Gobain.