The infrastructure markets have witnessed a remarkable growth in the past years in the Middle East. This trend is expected to last as the area continues to see a double digit demographical growth with half of the population below the age of 28.
These new generations will require water, energy, roads and Van-bus infrastructure with the rapid growth of urbanization and the scarcity of potable water.
Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of products that are designed to be of the highest quality and able to withstand many years of service. The complex co-polymers admixtures enable ready mix operators to produce highly durable and weather resistant concrete, while ensuring pouring in the difficult conditions of high humidity and temperature. Desalination of sea-water is one of the most commonly used techniques to meet the growing demand for water used by households, industries and agriculture. The range of ductile iron pipe valves and fittings offered by Saint-Gobain have proven consistently efficient in the Middle East for the past decades.
Providing effective and efficient means of transportation of potable, reusable, or waste water is one of the major challenges in the Middle East. As a world leader in water pipelines, Saint-Gobain PAM brings safe drinking water to millions of people and evacuates wastewater through its innovative range of ductile iron pipe products and solutions. Each year, over 1,000 towns and 100 capital cities rely on a drinking water network made of this cast iron material. With an industrial history of 160-years, steeped in innovation, Saint-Gobain PAM continuously develops new cutting-edge technology to ensure vital water resources are made readily available to consumers. The effective lifespan of ductile cast iron pipes is more than 100 years. With a rigorous selection of materials in contact with water, the preservation of the quality throughout the network is ensured. Additionally, the production process currently allows the recovery of more than 80% of waste produced. Finally, the ductile iron raw material, obtained by a special Magnesium treatment is 100% recyclable, long lasting, and fully inert. Saint-Gobain aims to produce zero non-recycled waste, while ensuring the sustainability of the environment.
Concrete Durability is the key to sustainable Infrastructures and the right use of admixtures can play a considerable role in obtaining a durable concrete. Weber developed the EPSILONE flow, a new advanced flow retention superplasticizer for green concrete to achieve high performance.
Weber just expanded its range with Admix PCI: a new corrosion inhibiting admixture to protect concrete structures exposed to corrosive environment.
For protection of exposed concrete , weber provides webercote beton as a protective anti-carbonation coating for concrete ensuring good crack bridging properties.
As a leader in industrial mortars and concrete admixtures Weber develops innovative solutions to major infrastructures projects offering a complete range of products for Concrete Repair & Smoothing, Grouting & Bedding, Anchoring & Bonding and waterproofing.
Increased traffic loading, temperature cycling, and age hardening create potholes, cracks, and damage on asphalt surfaces. Saint-Gobain ADFORS provides a solution through a geogrid product line: ADFORS GlasGrid®.
GlasGrid® offers several styles of pavement reinforcement grids for asphalt layers. They retard reflective cracking by a factor of 2 to 3 times, by turning stresses horizontally in order to dissipate them. Based on 30 years of successful installations around the world, ADFORS GlasGrid® typically provides a 50% reduction in future investment cost (e.g. maintenance, rehabilitation, and use costs) over the life of an average road. Among the various products available, the GlasGrid® portfolio includes: self-adhesive geogrids, compogrids, complete patch grids, and as well as grids with special tack film.
Norton clipper® machines and diamond tools, part of Saint-Gobain Abrasives line of products, deliver extraordinary performance in drilling and cutting all materials on building and construction sites. They provide a complete range of abrasive solutions for rail and tram track maintenance, train manufacturing, building, and refurbishing of train stations. The Norton Spitfire range of Cutting, Grinding & Finishing products is not just economically efficient, but one of the very few products in the market that are OSA certified to ensure safety.
Unfortunately we live in a world where bomb blast is a real danger to our safety and security. A bomb blast turns unprotected glass into dangerous flying shards. With Armorcoat safety film, applied to your existing glazing, we can help you drastically increase your level of protection and save lives. Armorcoat (1) provides exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities, (2) reduces risks associated with broken glass and air-borne debris, (3) holds broken glass shards in place, helping to avoid a major hazard for passersby, (4) secures broken glass making the rescue and cleanup process safe and efficient, (5) provides you protection against the negative effects of solar radiation.
PRODUCTS: Armorcoat, Silver, Sterling, Stainless Steel, TrueView, Sentinel, LX, Ecolux
Demographic changes and urbanisation across the globe put a strain on cities and their capacity to produce basic necessities such as clean and pure water. Here Filtralite® offers a simple solution to a complex problem.
With its unique porosity, Filtralite® filter media offers optimum conditions for water to flow through the filter bed in order to retain and adsorb more contaminants. Whether cleaning or purifying water, this feature allows for larger volumes of water to be filtered through the same volume as contact area is increased. Water management facilities can thereby increase their output without having to rebuild and expand existing facilities simply by replacing the conventional filtering media with Filtralite® filter media.
Our products not only increase water output volumes, they also decrease operation costs. By replacing conventional sand filters with Filtralite® filter media, you can expect to get your money back in 1-3 years. Because Filtralite® filters require fewer backwashes, which means less energy and less water loss, which at the end of the day means more water out of your plant. This way, we ensure you get more out of the resources you already have or helping you to design more compact solutions.
As cities are gearing for the future, Filtralite® is an innovative and premium filtering product tailored to meet tomorrow’s needs.