Develop sustainable and comfortable solutions that guarantee the wellbeing of both individuals and society as a whole, these are the fundamentals of the Saint-Gobain brand promise. They are also the basis of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), through commitments made to our teams, customers and local communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Read Saint-Gobain’s 2019 Registration Document, including the annual financial report and the corporate social responsibility report.

Our Pillars of Commitments

Our commitment, supported by the 6 pillars that underpin all our practices, is to make Saint-Gobain group a company that changes along with the world.

Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation

Our corporate Foundation works alongside non-profit organizations to help young people find jobs and improve social housing.


A set of values that unites all employees

Invent Sustainable Buildings

Over the world, Saint-Gobain takes action for sustainable construction.


The priorities of Saint-Gobain’s CSR policy


Saint-Gobain’s actions to limit the environmental impact of its activities.